Good vs Evil


A Historic Day

A historic day passed Friday the 26th when the Supreme Court finally ruled on marriage equality. Just this past weekend, we also celebrated Independence Day. Both call for similar celebrations, but not just through parades and fireworks. Both dates mark an achievement for freedom of expression and thought.

What’s especially symbolic is how close the dates fall to each other. One week after another, the US has had reason to celebrate. Hundreds of years ago, Americans found the issue of religious and political freedom vital enough to declare war over. And a few decades ago, the fight for LGBTQ rights ignited the Stonewall riots for similar reasons. The oppressed and brutalized declared they had enough, and they fought back.

After many years of trailblazing, now we can choose whom to marry regardless of gender, which marks a great achievement. We here at Good vs Evil like what we see, but we still want more. In the same way the newly created United States was not perfect, the fight for LGBTQ justice and liberation is far from over. We must still work to grant equal rights to all groups of people. What can be done to further the movement?

A logical next step is for businesses to support minority groups by putting even more efforts towards actively recruiting a more diverse workforce. If a company cannot find talented and diverse employees, then clearly, they’re not looking hard enough.

Overall though, the U.S. has made huge strides on supporting minority groups. Now when our day of independence comes around, we have not just one day but practically an entire week to celebrate the concept of what this country was founded on.

Alex OlmstedComment