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Specializing in hard to find information, research, fundraising and public relations.

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Based in New York City, I operate in the Corporate, Nonprofit and Public Relations sector raising money and opening doors for a variety of clients. Currently those clients include a clean energy Solar Tax Equity fund, an Edtech company from Ireland and I am a VP at a West Coast Family office where I provide due diligence on investments. During the 2020 NY Mayoral race I was a senior advisor to Loree Sutton and Kathryn Garcia.

In April 2019 I coordinated and attended a 40 minute Oval Office visit for my famous WW2 veteran client Sidney Walton to meet the President.

My experience ranges from running stock research on a Nasdaq trading desk 1997-2000, business development at a branding/design social good startup, to multiple development roles working for nonprofits throughout New York and the United States.

I have a research first methodology, social engineering skills, strong communication and follow up.

I am available in New York or remotely for consulting work in the areas of prospect research, fundraising strategy, PR, political consulting and business development in a variety of industries and networks.

Testimonials and References

Allan Rothstein

Chairman at Agency Worx, Owner of ESP Gin, Chairman of Winhaven RE, Co-Founder at Decentralized Ventures Blockchain

Mark Fleming is an excellent investigational researcher. He has an innate sense of what is happening beyond conventional appearances. His deductive reasoning skills allow him to discover the pieces and put them together to prove his theses. Mark's work ethic is unparalleled as he is one of the most determined individuals I have ever met.

Alex Olmsted

CEO, Good vs Evil

All I have to say is that Mark is a force to be reckoned with. He’s one of the most determined and resourceful individuals I know. He excels at finding hard to find information. He also has a knack of getting around (or befriending) gatekeepers and reaching key decision makers. Honestly, It feels a little bit like magic the way finds opportunities and get’s people to respond. Reliability is imbedded into the core of his personality.

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