For who:  National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Impact:  40+ uploaded videos / 2,600,000+ views on youTube alone.

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For this project we employed 15 of the world’s most famous Viners to create a movement around seatbelt safety. Each of the Viners created a 6 second stand alone video that became content for a larger 30 second homage video. The overall idea was that it only takes a few seconds to enjoy life, so it makes sense to take a few more seconds to buckle up. The Vine platform allowed us to reach millions of young viewers on a very limited budget as well.


Taking on homelessness is a huge task that needs all the tech and brain power we can muster. WeShelter is a new app aiming at turning a small amount of effort into a program with huge results. We are actively involved in helping WeShelter find funding, get exposure and basically navigate into strategic partnerships with the City of New York. It's an honor for us to work with such a dedicated and smart group of people. Look for this app to start getting lots of press in the near future.

For who:  WeShelter

Mission:  Crowd sourcing app to focus funds to help alleviate homelessness for the 59,068 people living on the streets in the greater New York area.

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Deuce Generation

For who:  Teen Suicide Prevention

Impact: Shown regularly in schools throughout New Zealand to as inspiration to do what they love.

New Zealand has the highest rate of teen suicide in the world, which is shocking being that NZ is one of the most fun, free and beautiful places to live. Good vs Evil pitched, produced, wrote, directed, filmed and edited this short film aimed at combatting teen suicide. The film was backed by Deuce Generation shoe company and features one of New Zealand's top young pro surfers speaking about his careers and ambitions and life itself.


For who:  Calso

Impact: Social enterprise with with four main focuses:  1) Finding shelter for homeless. 2) Helping seniors, disabled and former prisoners to become productive working members of society.  3) Immigration support for foreigners.  4) Using new technology to help elderly get the home care they need.


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Calso is such an amazing program in San Francisco, when they asked us to help them with brand positioning advice and help with a new website, how could we say no? For the project we went through many rounds to figure out how to explain their multi-facited core programs they have developed. Also there was much research and design work to present these relatively depressing ideas in an uplifting and positive way. The goal being to develop a website that was informative as well as inviting to read. 

The Unseen

For who:  The Daily Planet

Impact:  $5 for markers / Local national news coverage / Thousands of people reached in the area / Massive awareness created for The Daily Planet.

Many studies have shown that the homeless in Richmond, VA are invisible to the general population. So we created a grassroots campaign in which the homeless themselves were given the opportunity to make Richmonders aware of a problem right in their own backyard. It was highly controversial and even made some local businesses very angry. Namely the new $5M pet shelter (never mind humans) that had been funded by the state. Needless to say, the locals, the press and others took notice.

MTV Smackdown

For who:  MTV

Impact: A broadcasted message that reached millions of young adults nationwide.

MTV asked us to come up with a PSA spot that focused on safe sex. Instead of taking the preachy or statistic driven approach, we thought a couple of guys rolling around on the floor wrestling in their underwear was the best method. Silly for sure but with the MTV audience, we felt humor was by far the best way to get a message through than trying to be a voice of authority or instruction.

Kitchen Karate

For who:  Kitchen Karate

Mission: To make home cooking affordable, time efficient and highly nutritious for the average person.

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We helped Kitchen Karate develop everything from their company voice to brand position to graphic look to videos to downloadable content to members page to video GFX to...well, you get the picture. It was massive effort to get it off the ground. But it was all for a great company with a great philosophy, so in our books, totally worth it.


For who:  Cooper & Ella

Mission: 100,000 hot meals delivered to children in Bangalore, India

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When Cooper & Ella came to us to help them launch Empower how could we say no? As a socially conscious, upscale clothing line sold in over 250 stores across the nation including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and others, Cooper & Ella wanted to become an exemplary corporate citizen by establishing an long-term community based program in Bangalore, india. By helping them launch Empower, Cooper & Ella is now providing 100,000 meals over the course of a year, to the children attending the Hope Foundation school. This program not only helps kids eat a nutritious meal each day, it provides a secure and stable learning environment to help them rise out of their impoverished surroundings.