Cooper & Ella came to us to help them develop an identity and branded system for their Empower program. This program is hugely beneficial for all the kids enrolled in the Hope Foundation school in Bangalore, India. 

With the Empower program in place, every time a Cooper & Ella item is purchased, one hot nutritious meal is provided to a child in enrolled in Hope. For many this is the only meal they’ll have all day.


We took to heart this seemingly simple issue and created a modular campaign that did many things. 

  • First was to develop a brand look was warm and yet still intellectual in spirit. 
  • Secondly was to create an ownable look but still be able to fit within the Cooper & Ella brand landscape seamlessly. 
  • Thirdly, was to make it a priority that the benefits of the program were blindingly clear.

Easy to write out. Hard to do. 

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  • Providing 100,000 meals to impoverished children in the area over the course of a year. 
  • Reduced/Eliminated the need to skip school & beg on the streets for food.
  • Strengthened the idea of going to school to as a viable path to success in the local community.
  • Introduced a the concept of a “Cradle to Career” support system to further the idea of long term growth.
  • Improved the overall nutrition level of the children's daily diet.
  • Reduced the burden of the teaching community by helping to provided a stable and productive environment for learning.

I can’t tell you just how much everybody talk to about Empower loves your work. Thank you so much! This project is so important to us and you’ve elevated it to a point where it looks as beautiful as the amount of good it does in the world.
— Kara Mendelson, CEO