Design projects we’ve completed in the past year.


Children of Haiti project (COHP)

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What:  Logo + Website + Photography + Fundraising collatoral

Challenge:  Grow the donor base so that COHP can scale their education program across Haiti. 

Solution:  Show how successful the COHP initiative is and how dramatically the kids have benefited from this program. Big beautiful photos of the kids and the grounds was very important to quickly show progress. Also, we wanted to design a site that visitors would want to feel welcomed in. Friendly fonts, fun info graphics help to turn boring statistics into a pleasant and positive experience.

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What:  Website + Copywriting + Photography

Challenge: Create an impactful web presence for Calso so they can clearly talk about the initiatives they are developing. 

Solution:  Because Calso is deeply involved in social problems we used big, emotional photography to establish a strong sense of empathy. Also, we developed a clean design style so each initiative description and impact could quickly be understood.

Calso initiatives:
1) Finding shelter for the homeless.
2) Helping seniors, disabled and former prisoners to become productive working members of society.  
3) Immigration support for foreigners.
4) Using new technology to help elderly get the home care they need.

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Carol Cone &
The Purpose collaborative

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What:  Website Design + Copywriting

Challenge: How to position Carol Cone (the Mother of Cause Marketing) as the catalyst of the Purpose Collaborative and Idea Accelerator.

Solution:  Create a website that turns Carol into an industry authority on the purpose driven economy. Her website helps to showcase Carol's huge initiatives such as Microsoft Youthspark, American Heart - Go Red / Avon - Breast Cancer Crusade as examples of how effective she can be. It also clearly explains what the Purpose Collaborative is and how the Idea Accelerator works. In addition, the site is also a staging area so other companies can post informative research and news for visitors to read.

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Communal Table

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What:  Website Design

Challenge:  Help WeShelter app create a market strategy to acquire donors for the purpose of alleviating homelessness. Also, help create a smoother user experience for functionality and navigation within the app.

Solution: We worked within the Net Impact platform to put together a highly skilled task-force to help map out an effective brand position and action plan for WeShelter. Also we developed a course of action to get WeShelter in front of the right people so they can grow their donor base and their audience at the same time. On top of that, we are helping them find funding, get exposure and navigate into strategic partnerships with the City of New York. 

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#Touchstone Metrics

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What:  Logo + Website design + Brand Collateral

Challenge:  Create a brand identity that will speak to lawmakers as a symbol of measured truth.

Solution: Build a brand symbol that combines the precision of mathematics, with the strength of stone. It was important to establish a feeling of reliability as Touchstone Metrics is a group developing a rating system (like Moody's) to grade companies on how they impact the environment and how well they treat their employees. This rating will be displayed next to it's financial performance to give investors a choice of investing in companies that perform well in addition to having strong social good initiatives.

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